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Gooseberry Cobbler

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My Grandma Lena was a wonderful cook. She was always cooking. I think it was a way to show how much she loved those around her. We would have big family dinners and sometimes we’d just stop by her house and she would fix us a pan of fried taters. She also loved recipes and she had a truckload of them! I was fortunate enough for her to pass them along to me.

Since this blog is all about honoring our loved ones. I thought the best way to honor my Grandma would be to share some of her recipes. Plus, on days when it’s hard to come up with something to write about, I can always just post another recipe!

The first recipe is one I probably would never bake. I’m just not a gooseberry fan, but, my Grandad was and he loved Gooseberry Cobbler. It was funny Gooseberry Cobbler was the first recipe I pulled out of the box today!

I read somewhere once that the government had outlawed gooseberries in the early 1900’s. So that night at supper I told my Grandad what I had read. He said, “Why’d they outlaw ’em? Too sour?” We laughed about that for days. Anyway, to honor my Grandma and my Grandad too today, here’s the recipe


4-5 cups of gooseberries

2 1/2 cups sugar

3 tablespoons of minute tapioca

1 cup of water

Wash berries, place inside a lined baking dish lined with pastry–add sugar, tapioca and water–cover with strips of pastry–bake 50 minutes at 350. Sprinkle pastry strips with sugar and nutmeg.