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Grandma’s “Secret” Pumpkin Pie Recipe

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3 Libby's labels from Grandma's Recipe Box

While digging through Grandma’s recipe box I found 5 labels for Libby’s Famous Pumpkin Pie Recipe, so I guess it’s not hard to figure out  that this was Grandma’s “go to” recipe for pumpkin pie. The Libby’s website says that the Pumpkin Pie Recipe has been on the label since 1950.  In the picture above are 3 different labels from different years that were in Grandma’s box. The style of the can might of changed, but the recipe never did. I think it would be perfect for “My Very Own Pie Crust” recipe from the other day. I’ll be making it for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.

I’ll just leave a link for the Libby’s website, if anyone would like the recipe…or it’s still found on the back of the can 🙂



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  1. That’s my pumpkin pie recipe,too!!


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